Hear Avicii’s first studio album “True” all right here on this track! The album dropped September 13, 2013 and we have all the songs here on one track! Let us know what you think of the new songs and Avicii’s new direction with this album. Also, please don’t forget to subscribe!

01. Wake Me Up-Avicii [UMG]
02. You Make Me-Avicii [UMG]
03. Hey Brother-Avicii [UMG]
04. Addicted To You-Avicii [UMG]
05. Dear Boy-Avicii [UMG]
06. Liar Liar-Avicii [UMG]
07. Shame On Me-Avicii [UMG]
08. Lay Me Down-Avicii [UMG]
09. Hope There’s Someone-Avicii [UMG]
10. Heart Upon My Sleeve-Avicii [UMG]
11. Long Road To Hell-Avicii [UMG]
12. Edom-Avicii [UMG]

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Album Artwork by Avicii and all of its affiliates.
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