Google AdSense FREE – 1.0.1
Add Google ads anywhere you want.

Acromin5 – 1.0
Installs the Acromin5 theme.

Designer Content – 1.0.0
A block type generator for designers and developers. Designer Content lets you quickly create new kinds of blocks that will make it easy for users to add pieces of content to their site (while maintaining complex layouts).

Facebook Like Button – 1.1
Let your visitors use the popular Facebook Like button on your pages to promote your site.

Iframe – 1.0
Insert an IFRAME.

Google Plus One – 1.0
Enables a Google Plus One (Google +1) Button to let people who love your content recommend it on Google search.

Page Ear – 1.2.2
This package install the PageEar-Block.

Tag Cloud – 1.0.2
Make a tag cloud of your site.

Simple SoundCloud Player – 0.7
Let you display SounCloud’s tracks or set in a widget on your site.

Simply Clean – Theme – 2.1
A clean C5 theme with a few block goodies

Next & Previous – 1.02

SQL Buddy – 1.0
Installs the SQL Buddy package.

YouTube Background FREE – 1.1.1
Add YouTube video to page background

Google Tagcloud – 1.5
Make an tagcloud from Google Analytics data or Crawl Keywords of Google Webmaster Tools

jShare – 1.0
Add a sharing tab on all pages of your site.

Simple Facebook Gallery – 1.03
Displays images in from a public Facebook Album (with an optional lightbox).

Easy News – 1.1
Add multiple news area to your site.

Facebook Stream – 1.0
The Live Stream plugin lets your users share activity and comments in real-time as they interact during a live event.

AddThis Bar
Adds an AddThis Bar to the bottom of all site pages.

Avant Garde
Installs Avant Garde theme.

Black Accents
Black Accents themes by

Consensus Theme
A customizable theme for Concrete5. Designed by marticps.

CSV displayer
Package for displaying html table from .csv file.

A responsive single-page theme for professionals!

Database Backup
Adds ability to perform database backups from the concrete5 dashboard

Dynamic Iframe
iFrame which can adjust its height according to its content.

Eye Theme
Installs Eye theme.

Featuring Theme
Installs Featuring theme.

Install the theme Floating, a simple one or two column grayscale theme.

Galleria image gallery
Easily create amazing image galleries for showcasing your work, presenting your products, or sharing your photos.

Google Docs Viewer
Embed Google Docs Viewer for displaying PDF, PowerPoint and TIFF documents on your website

Innovation Theme
Installs Innovation theme.

Markdown Content
Content added using the markdown syntax.

Mint Chocolate Chip
Installs the Mint Chocolate Chip theme.

Multi-File Attribute
A custom attribute for multiple image or files

Natural Essence
Installs the Natural Essence theme.

Paypal Donations Box
Take paypal donations on your site.

Installs the Pluralism theme.

Pygmalion Konsus
Installs the Pygmalion Konsus Theme.

Resposta Framework
Resposta – Responsive Framework for Concrete5

Installs Stylish Retro theme

Salt n Pepa Theme
Installs Salt n Pepa theme.

SEO Search Engine Rank Tracker
Easily find out how well you rank in various search engines.

Simple Stlye
Installs Simple Style theme

Sisimizi’s Download Folder
List all files from a folder on your server and make them available for download.

Smashing Html5
Installs Smashing Html5 theme

Social button by tomoac
Tomoac Button

Social Icons
Installs the Social Icons Block

Social Icons Reloaded
Installs the Social Icons Block with added options

Social Share Privacy
A social sharing block that protects your privacy

Solutions Theme
Installs Solutions theme.

Splash Theme
Installs Splash theme.

Syntax Highlighter
Insert an hightlighted code block.

Installs the TerraFirma2 theme.

Thumbview Template
Installs a thumbview template for page list block.

Installs the Touching theme.

Ustream Status Simple
Display the live or offline status of a desired Ustream channel

Whitespace Theme
Installs Whitespace theme.

Installs the Yosemite theme.

A free, lightweight, tableless, fluid W3C-compliant website design by NodeThirtyThree Design. Converted by

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