Jean Michel Jarre – Live In Houston Texas – Full Screen Edition

Live In Houston Texas – New Sound and Color

The concert in Houston April 5 1986 is often considered a milestone in Jean Michel Jarre’s career. The concert took place in the shadow of the deaths of the seven astronauts who had exploded along with the Challenger space shuttle, one of them, Ron McNair, a friend of Jarre’s. The event was broadcast on TV all over the world and made Jarre a concert legend.

The occasion for the concert was the 150th anniversary of the city of Houston and the 25th anniversary of NASA, and the entire skyline of Houston formed the backdrop for the gigantic show. Huge sheets of canvas covered the skyscrapers which were used as screens for laser and light projections synchronised to the music and fireworks displays. The concert attracted an audience of around 1.3 million people.

Jean Michel Jarre
Sylvain Durand
Christine Durand
Michel Geiss
Joe Hammer
Pascal Lebourg
Dino Lumbroso
Dominique Perrier
Francis Rimbert
Kirk Whalum
The High School for The Performing Arts choir
The Singing Boys of Houston

Date and Place:
5. April 1986, Houston, USA

Estimated Audience: